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NEW: Syracuse University Scandal and the Rule of 3

Everything happens in groups of 3. Everyone knows that.

First, it was Penn State and Jerry Sandusky.

Now, it’s Syracuse University and Bernie Fine.

What’s next?! As sickening as the Jerry Sandusky case is, Bernie Fine’s may just be sicker. As each story gets worse and worse, you have to wonder, what possible level of horribleness could the next scandal be?

Which college or university’s athletic program will be exposed as an employer of an alleged child molester?

Former SU men’s basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine has been accused of molesting two boys that served as ball boys for the team. What makes this cake even more nauseating than Jerry Sandusky’s is that in this case, Fine’s wife knew full well what her husband was doing. We don’t know if Mrs. Sandusky knew, but we certainly don’t have audio recordings of her admitting her husband’s predatory ways.

Laurie Fine knew her husband was a pedophile, and did nothing about it. 

That makes her just as bad, if not worse than Joe Paterno, and all the others at Penn State involved in that cover up.

Courtesy of The Bleacher Report

The statute of limitations may have run out for two of his victims, but as we have learned in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, the number of victims doesn’t stay low for very long. It’s just a matter of time before more accusers come forward, and sooner rather than later, another scandal will break, probably even worse than this one.

It’s the rule of 3.

Courtesy of ProWorld Inc.

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